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Defensive Tactics

Reality Based Defensive TacticsIn a real fight you are going to rely on only a handful of simple, gross motor skills, strikes and blocks to survive. This course will literally teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know, using every part of your body, for empty hand conflict; the same techniques taught to Special Forces soldiers, SWAT operators, prison guards, and security forces personnel. It doesn't matter if you are a black belt, U.S. Navy SEAL, or a beginner, this course will simplify physical conflict like you've never seen before. This course also covers Threat Zones, use-of-force legal issues, Threat Assessment, Situational Awareness, and Conflict Rehearsals. In this revolutionary course you'll learn that there are only 10 primary directions to move in any given tactical situation, 10 ways to strike someone, 10 blocks. You'll hear about concepts unknown in most self-defense system such as the Piston Concept, Stopping Power, Chase Instinct, training documentation, Kinetic Sensation Response, and much more.

Ground Survival

Ground SurvivalThe ground is the last place you want to be during a fist fight or a knife fight, because you give up mobility, visibility, and the conflict element of offense. On the other hand, if someone is shooting at you, the ground can be used to your tactical advantage, and we'll show you how in this easy-to-learn course. This course is anything but sport-based. It's 100% modern tactics: how to hit the deck under gun fire, military style ground movement, victim rescue, using the ground as an impact weapon, subject takedowns, tackle defense, citizen arrest techniques, and dozens of other techniques that most police and military have not seen, let alone civilians. You'll also learn all about the Clean Debris, the Fast Food Menu Concept, Ambush Survival, Positional Asphyxiation, Perceptual Distortion during conflict, and other reality-based concepts. The hands-on training includes multiple attacker situations while on the ground, escape techniques, less than ideal conflict positions, weapons factors, and the list goes on.

Knife Survival

Knife SurvivalThe knife is the most common weapon used by criminals, and the average knife attack lasts a mere 5 seconds. Defending yourself against this gruesome tool requires an understanding of how today's prison inmates, criminals, terrorists, martial arts systems, and military units use them. This course is not a, "Come at me like this" course, but one that teaches you how to survive realistic full speed attacks from a brutal attacker. You'll learn that there are only 10 directions someone can come at you with a knife, how to avoid being fatally stabbed at the initial moment of attack, what the 21 feet / 7 meter rule is all about and how it can save your life, the life-saving Jim Wagner Disarm Rule that is used by police, military, and prison personnel worldwide. To understand how to defend against a knife you need to know how to effectively use one yourself in a conflict situation. That's why we will teach you the proper grip, knife conflict drills that will take you from zero to advance in just 8 hours, and legal issues pertaining to knives in your area.

Crime Survival

Crime SurvivalPersonal protection is more than just learning how to defend yourself in the proverbial "bar fight." Conflict today means learning how to survive a robbery, carjacking, gang violence, assault & battery, caustic chemical attacks, stun gun attacks, and other felonious attacks. You have to know more than just kicking and punching. You will be taught how criminals select their victims, how to detect a criminal surveillance and escape one, how to put yourself in the Position of Advantage in any environment, and most of all - how to be a "hard target." However, we don't stop there. We will educate you, through realistic Conflict Rehearsal on how to remember a suspect's description, how to identify evidence and preserve a crime scene, what to say to the police, and courtroom survival. We'll show you no-nonsense gun disarms at point blank range, and even how to survive a firearm when the distance makes a gun disarm impossible. Unlike other self-defense systems that teach you only to look out for yourself, we'll teaching you the latest bodyguard tactics in how to protect others, like your loved ones who may be with during a crisis situation. We'll also cover vehicle security, home security, and stuff you just won't see in any other martial arts training.

Terrorism Survival

Terrorism survivalWhat would you do if you were caught in the middle of a hand grenade attack, or if a co-worker snaps and goes on a shooting spree, or you find yourself in the middle of a Serin gas attack by terrorists on a plane, train, or bus? In this course you are going to learn by doing. You're going to experience realistic terrorist attacks and learn the techniques to increase your chances of survival. Such a comprehensive, hands-on, course is rare among law enforcement agencies and military units, and thus, virtually non-existent in civilian self-defense schools. There are few self-defense instructors in the world who have been on a counterterrorist team, but Jim Wagner, the founder of the Reality-Based Personal Protection system, has - for the United States government after 9/11; not to mention being a trained sniper, firearms and CQB instructor, as well as training with counterterrorist teams in Israel, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. In this intense 8 hour program you will learn countersniper survival, dealing with a bomb threat, detecting a suicide bomber, kidnapping avoidance, hostage survival tips, travel precautions, home invasions, and school or office massacres.

Control & Defense

Control and DefenseThis course is all about getting out of situations where someone is trying to control you through force, or how you can control someone in order to survive or to hand them over to the police. The first thing you'll start learning is how to get out of the common choke holds and bear hugs used on the streets and battlefields. You're going to find out quick that there are not that many, and the basic principles that threads through all of them. Then we're going to get away from the ME ONLY mentality and learn how to rescue others after a violent encounter. After all, you may be with an associate, a friend or even a loved one who goes down and you need to get them out of the hostile area. A fight is not over until your party is out of the area. We call this portion of training Victim Rescue. We'll then go into the dos and don'ts of making a citizen's arrest, how to restrain someone, and how to avoid killing someone accidentally with positional asphyxiation.

Women's Survival

Sierra 6 ComplexThis 2-day course is exclusively for women. You will learn how to protect yourself in a variety of all too real situations facing women today: sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We'll take you step-by-step to make you "hard targets." We will use Conflict Rehearsals that prepare you emotionally and physically for a real conflict. Our 14-hour program will draw techniques from our other courses (Defensive Tactics, Knife Survival, Crime Survival and Ground Survival), but customized specifically for women and their unique needs in a male-dominated world.

Tactical Survival Training (for professionals)

Sierra 6 ComplexThis course is an evolution in Tactical Training, designed for Police, Security, Body Guard, Crowd Control, Hospital Staff, School Teachers, or any one who may find themselves confronted with violence and aggression as part of thier employment. It incorporates your responsability as well as your Response/Ability. " Control of persons using empty hand techniques" Intercepting, Securing, and Resolving. The same techniques taught to Police, Military, Prison Guards. You will also learn Knife & Hand Gun avoidance, survival and disarm. This is not a "come at me like this course" but one that teaches you to survive realistic full speed attacks from a brutal attacker. We will also be covering defenses from generic impact weapons, Threat zones, Use of force legal issues, situational awareness, conflict scenario training and much more.

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