Jim Wagner

Jim Wagner

(Black belt magazine Instructor of the year 2006)

Be A Hard Target

The Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection system is the world's first "complete" self-defense system born out of police, corrections, and military training methods.

Reality Based Personal Protection

Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection system has revolutionized the way people are learning self-defense. It's easy-to-learn, and most of all - realistic! Students and instructors from every type of traditional and sport-based martial arts you can imagine are coming to the system. Even many of the world's elite police and military units have come to Jim Wagner for training:

  • German counterterrorist team GSG9,
  • the Israeli National Police Academy,
  • the FBI,
  • Argentinean G.O.E.,
  • Brazilian G.A.T.E.,
  • the U.S. Army,
  • Finland's National Police Academy,
  • the Royal Dutch Police,
  • the German Federal Police Academy,
  • the DEA,
  • Homeland Security,
  • and the list goes on.

More important, people with absolutely no self-defense training find that they can learn and master the Reality-Based techniques and training methods just as well, if not better, as the "black belts" in the same courses. After all, it does not take years to learn real self-defense, it takes days.

If you had a desire to learn how to sky dive or SCUBA dive for the first time, would you want to learn from someone who has never jumped from an airplane before or someone who only got their underwater experience from a swimming pool? Of course not, and yet most civilian self-defense instructors have never been in an actual life-and-death conflict, and are merely passing down information given to them from their instructors. Even if they have been in the proverbial "bar fight" in their past the question must be asked, "Have they been shot at, attacked with a knife, or looked into the eyes of a criminal or terrorist?"

The reason Reality-Based Personal Protection is the "original reality-based martial art" is and not just because Jim Wagner coined the phrase back in 1999, but because of his background that few self-instructors can match: former soldier, corrections officer, street cop, SWAT team officer, diplomatic bodyguard, counterterrorist Special Agent for the United States government after 9/11, police and military firearms instructor, tactics instructor, and defensive tactics instructor.

Wagner on the cover of Australia's Blitz magazine April 2008 issue.Jim's articles in Budo magazine are printed in five languages monthly.Jim Wagner on the cover of Black Belt magazine, and Jim today

Jim Wagner and Rod FergusonJim Wagner and Rod FergusonJim Wagner and Rod Ferguson

How long does it really take to learn how to defend yourself?

If you walk into any traditional martial arts school as a beginner and ask the instructor, "I want to learn how to protect myself. How long will it take to learn?"

The typical answer will be, "Three to five years" depending on the system and how many days a week you can devote to it.
On the other hand, if you join the United States Army, the Israeli Army, the French Army, or the Russian Army how long will it take for them to teach you how to defend yourself? These organizations will not only teach you about self-preservation but how inflict injury on the enemy in only five to six weeks by attending a Basic Combat Training course. This short time not only includes hand-to-hand combat and learning various weapon systems, but other soldiering skills are in the mix including marching, hygiene, military customs, and a lot of other things.

A SWAT officer goes to learn the highest levels of police tactics in a matter of only two weeks to four weeks.

Most counterterrorist courses for special operations personnel are under eight weeks.

Most top bodyguard schools in the world are six months long, and only a few days are devoted to the defensive tactics one needs to know.

If you were to boil down the advanced Israeli military hand-to-hand combat program into an around-the-clock course it would amount to a full week of intense training, and slightly longer for the U.S. Army Combatives program and the U.S. Marine MCMAP system.

So, why is it when you go to a traditional-based civilian martial arts instructor they say it takes years to learn self defense, and when you go to the professionals who do the conflict for real they tell you it will take only days? Who's right, the civilians or the professionals?

The truth is that learning real self-defense only takes days. If you can't master any self-defense move in five minutes then it is either too complicated or too impractical.

The Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection system is based upon the same teaching philosophy and training methods as the world's top police and military units. Of course, this makes sense since Jim Wagner's background includes not only the traditional martial arts and sport-based martial arts, but he has severed in military, police, corrections, bodyguard, and special operations capacities.

When you join a traditional martial arts system it will indeed take you years to learn it. This is because you are going to have to learn an entire subculture. In most traditional martial arts schools you will learn commands and techniques in the native language of that art, and that takes time. You will have various rituals and traditions to follow, such as salutations before training, meditation sessions in some cases, and proper respect when entering or exiting the training area. You will be required to perform many repetitious patterns either against the air, a striking device, or against a partner. There are an infinite amount of patters an instructor can pass down or create and all of this takes time. If you are entering the martial arts to learn a subculture then that is wonderful. Likewise, if you desire to compete in the ring and sign-up with a sport-based instructor then that is admirable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and this is where these systems shine. However, if you are looking to get into the martial arts for self-defense then you wand a reality-based system.

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We'll teach you how to survive a shooting.We know how real criminals and terrorists attack with knivesDo you know how to survive a sniper attack? We'll teach you how.

Although an operator in the military and law enforcement communities for two decades Jim Wagner's popularity with the civilian martial arts community began with his monthly column HIGH RISK back in 1999 in the world's oldest and most popular martial arts publication Black Belt magazine, which is read by over 100,000 readers worldwide. In 2006 he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Self-Defense Instructor of the Year by the readers. This is the "Academy Awards" of the martial arts world. On the other side of the ocean Jim Wagner writes for Budo International, Europe's largest martial arts magazine appearing regularly in several languages each time: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Budo International also inducted him into their Hall of Fame in 2006 for Outstanding Achievement for creating the Reality-Based martial arts.

Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade

Drawing even more people into the Reality-Based Personal Protection system is Jim Wagner's top selling knife series that bears his own name and system - Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade. These knives are manufactured by world-famous knife manufacturer Boker based in the medieval sword and knife city of Solingen, Germany. Jim's knives can be found on today's elite warriors in today's hot spots from Afghanistan to Iraq, and from cops to security personnel.







Reproduced with the permission of Jim Wagner.

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