Crowd Control



                  A NEW APPROACH TO CROWD CONTROL                

We are a boutique style Security company specialising in changing the culture of venues that are having issues with their current security provider and problems with their patrons behaviour.

We are the only service provider to offer free training to management and staff of any venue we are engaged with covering;

Security Operational Safety Training

Use of Force Guidelines for Licensed Venues

Liquor Licensing

Your Legal Position

Calm & Restraint

Scenario Training

Team Tactics

and much more.......


Sierra 6 Crowd control staff are articulate and specially trained to defuse all possible situations using a verbal reasoning approach first.

                                                                     "effectiveness under stress"

                                           Know your Responsibilities but continue to train your Response/Ability


The team is headed by Rod Ferguson.

Rod has over 27 years experience in the security arena, working in some of the most challenging pubs and clubs in Melbourne and Perth. He is responsible for changing the culture of some of Perth's toughest venues known for their regular fights and chaotic atmosphere. As well as delivering specific Crowd Control courses in Calm & Restraint techniques within the security industry Rod is also an unrestricted Approved Manager under the Liquor Licensing Act 1988. This gives Rod the unique understanding of the needs and requirements of both venue management and security staff.

Rod is  the only level 2 West Australian instructor of the Jim Wagner reality based personal protection system, training security guards, Perth transit guards ,the police and of course our own guards.


Sierra 6 Security personnel are engaed to compliment it's venues whilst ensuring they are aligned with the expectations of the Client,

thier patrons, Racing Gamming & Liquor (RGL) , Liquor Enforcement Unit (LEU) and Local Councils.